Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rant of irritation

Here's an random rant of irritation.

Just talked to a customer that SRSLY believed she was some special snowflake that wasn't like anyone else.
And the way she talked, indicated that she thought herself better than me.
Despite the fact that she called and wanted help.

That is a seriously stupid thing to do.

Oh, and the kicker?
She thought she knew what was wrong too.

So not only did she want me to help her, she thought she knew what the problem was too.
(A user side problem, the required physical access to the phone to fix)

One could wonder why on earth she called for help, if she new what the problem was.
Why didn't she just fix it and save herself the call?

Because she was stupid, didn't actually know what the problem was and thought she could bully me into doing her bidding.

How well did it go?
Besides srsly pissing me off, not at all did it go.

She ended up getting told that the 'problem' she knew it was, it actually wasn't.
I told her the fix for the actual problem.
And then sent her on her way. Because if I had hold on to her longer, I would have snapped at her.

~Over and out.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Axent Wear - headphones with style

They are here! 
The crowdfunding is on! 

What are you waiting for? Go order a pair already!

*throws money at the creators*

Over and out~

Monday, October 6, 2014

Call to Arms!

This is a Call to Arms!

I need able bodied men and women to take part and join me in a glorious battle in ArcheAge!

Every one and all welcome!
(but I do like if you speak Swedish, but it can be managed even if you don't!)

Are you of able body and desire glory and riches (in a fictional world)?

Join me, on the EU server of Aier, Haranya Faction (East: Harani or Firran)!

To Arms!

Click Picture

Over and out~

Friday, October 3, 2014

More on the topic of games [Updated!]

So, here's the update on the quest for a spot of land for a house.
And that's pretty much just because I was stuck playing through a remote over teamviewer and my work computer [bad words] donkey [even more bad words].
There you have it.

My next shot will be ... uh ... When I decide that I don't want to sing Karaoke on my week off.


So, Archeage.

[Update] For anyone interested, I'm playing on EU - Aier | Come along! Character name: Moranaa [/Update]

I've been playing it now since it was released a couple of weeks ago.
Still not at the level cap (level 50), only level 44 so far (almost 45).

But, I'm having every bit as much fun as I had during the Open Beta Weekend.

I've managed to build myself a boat, and with some luck, I'm getting myself a house tonight.
(I already have a small scarecrow farm going, for some small plantation of seeds and saplings).
(I'll post an update with how it went).

Last time I wrote about the game, was during the Open Beta Weekend, and I managed level 20 before it closing down.

And once you've done the main story quest line, you don't, really, have a clear cut path of quests in the theater style that many other MMO's have.

Sure, you still have quests that'll guide you through a zone.

But (!), you have a choice of a few zones that you can pick from, and each of them have a starting point for quests that'll take you forward towards the ever present Level Cap.

But, you don't actually have to quest your way there.
There is always crafting, trading, farming and husbandry that you can spend your time on while logged in for progression, since you get experience from everything, pretty much.

Worth noting is that trading is substantially easier the closer you are to Level Cap, since if you engage in inter-continent trading, Piracy (the actual sea faring type) is an ever present, -very- real, danger to seafarers.
Your ship might get boarded, you might hitch a ride with what you thought was a reputable merchant, that sails you straight to the pirate 'nation' island to be picked off by pirates that the merchant works as bait for.
(Or, you know, you might be a pirate yourself even)

That all said, it does still have the same problems.
Namely, Labor Points.
Required for pretty much EVERYTHING.
And if you play a free account, then you'll have to stay logged in for it to regenerate.
So if you have the cash to spare, and can see yourself playing for some time, it is very worth it to pay for patron.
Or, if you have a knack for being a merchant and playing the Auction House (assuming you've gotten your hands on a license and/or have patron), it is very possible to get Patron Just by playing the game and trading with other players.

My recommendation?
Try it out.
It's well worth it.
Play for a month or so, odds are you'll fall in love with it.

Over and out~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sing-A-long for Tesla

So, who here doesn't like Nikola Tesla?
Haha, Yeah, I know, Stupid question.
Everyone loves Tesla, because everyone loves the amazing technology we have today.

So here a little sing-A-long song celebrating the Great Inventor.

Art and Animation by Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal
I'm guessing music and lyrics by Sarah Donner

Also, you do know that a Tesla Museum is being built, right?

If yes: Donate a Brick

If not: Shame on you!
More info about it over on The Oatmeal
(Also, here's the original post)